Business breakfast "Taxes without borders - 2018. Risks and opportunities for Russian business in the era of deofshorization"


Consulco Group together with Vedomosti on March 20, 2018 conducted a business breakfast "Taxes without Borders - 2018. Risks and Opportunities for Russian Business in the Deoffshorization Age", Moscow, Marriott Grand Hotel.

A few years ago, the President of the Russian Federation announced a large-scale de-Offshorization program for the economy. Not only in Russia, but also in the whole world new rules are formed, and a new task for businesses to adapt. The exchange of tax information, the search for ultimate beneficiaries of foreign structures and their revenues, the toughening of clients' checks by foreign banks, the control over transfer prices - all these matters require special attention and caution on the part of business owners.

As part of the business breakfast, leading industry experts

  • discussed key issues, future tasks and strategies of state policy in the field of international tax planning;
  • analyzed the acute angles of de-offshorization legislation;
  • gave their practical recommendations on minimizing potential risks in dealing with foreign companies.

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