Business Club "Investments in London real estate: opportunities and risks of Brexit"


Consulco Event Moscow

Consulco together with Kommersant Publishing House is holding a business event - Business Club London Investments: Opportunities and Risks of Brexit, Moscow, Four Seasons Hotel.

London is recognized as the most popular city in terms of capital investment in real estate, overtaking New York. According to the annual rating of the Association of Foreign Investors, London surpassed New York in terms of foreign investment in real estate and came out on top in the ranking. "Foreign buyers began to worry less about leaving the UK from the European Union," said the chairman of the Association of Foreign Investors, Edward M. Kazal.

High level of profitability and low investment risk are the characteristics that not every city can boast of. Obviously, the fears of investors regarding Brexit are gradually passing. Experts predict a significant increase in investment in real estate of foggy Albion in 2018.

How will the prices for real estate in London change? Which categories of real estate will be especially relevant for foreign investors? What investment tools will help you make the most profit? We will discuss such matters and other relevant issues with leading experts at the Kommersant Publishing House event.

Announcements about the exact date and details will be released as soon as these are confirmed.

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