Consulco ranked among the leading tax consultancy firms in Cyprus by the International Tax Review



The International Tax Review (ITR), the world’s most authoritative magazine dedicated to international tax strategy, has ranked Consulco amongst the leading Cypriot firms offering relevant tax consultancy services in Cyprus for this year.

More specifically, according to the data published in ‘World Tax 2012’, ITR’s annual comprehensive guide to the world’s leading tax firms, Consulco, with its team of international tax experts lead by Rutger Kriek, is ranked as one of the leading independent tax consultancy firms in Cyprus. In World Tax 2012, the ITR commented as follows on Consulco’s tax services; ‘Consulco has experience of international work beyond the traditional Russia-CIS markets for tax advisers. Rutger Kriek for example, who heads the practice, is a native of the Netherlands. The value and scope of the work Consulco has been involved in, has grown this year in line with the firm’s development over recent years. The group acted for Prosafe, a service-rig operating company, on an interest swap agreement in a deal worth 800 million US$. Kriek is also doing the Cypriot work for a NASDAQ listed company with a market capitalization of more than 1 billion US$.’

Commenting on the ITR review, Rutger Kriek said this edition is known for its objectivity and its thorough research methods and he is proud to see that Consulco is recognized as a quality tax service provider by a top class international periodical.