Selecting a corporate bank account is an important financial decision for any business. We can assist our clients in taking their decision on selecting the most suitable jurisdiction, bank and banking services in order to achieve effective tax planning and asset protection strategies. The majority of banking jurisdictions have prudent, sound regulations in place, geared towards safeguarding the deposits and maintaining their confidentiality.

When choosing a business bank account, there are a few variables you should take into consideration, such as the convenience of working with a bank and what services, financial and/or legal benefits it offers to the holder of the account.

In most cases you neither have to visit the country in which you wish to open an account, nor have to travel to the country to carry out any banking activity. Most bank accounts we offer will allow you to carry out all your banking activity via the internet, e-mail, post, fax or telephone. Debit cards are available as well allowing you easy and direct access to your funds at all times.

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