Banking & Treasury

Our Banking Department specializes in catering for all your banking and financial requirements and can assist you in selecting the suitable bank account type that will meet your business needs.

Over the years we have developed a very close working relationship with many well established local banks and also collaborate with reputable international banking institutions. Bank accounts can be opened in all major currencies and we can ensure the opening of an account without the client having to visit the bank.

Our team of professionals deals with all relevant applications and due diligence requirements.

We are the single point of contact for all our clients’ banking requests ranging from providing professional directors as signatories to bank accounts, monitoring of bank accounts, processing and executing bank instructions. Personalized banking services are provided to individual customers including personal financial counselling.

We offer a wide range of services and products to individuals and businesses through its associate banks as well as treasure products and services.


✔  Administration, operation and monitoring of individual, corporate and trust accounts.

✔  Sight, Notice, Deposit and Multi-currency accounts.

✔  Day to day handling, processing and executing of bank transfers.

✔  Appointment/provision/change of bank signatories.

✔ Assistance in obtaining credit and debit cards.

✔  Assistance with arranging on-line banking services.

✔  Preparation and monitoring of bank movements (both inward and outward) for up to date information on transactions.


✔ Data/Document Transmission- tracing and transmitting inward, outward, balance and any other account information at any point of time including confirmation of payment execution and statement transmissions.

✔ Transactional compliance.

✔  Obtaining bank certificates and reference letters.

✔  Issuance of bank drafts.

✔  Assistance with Letters of Credits and Letters of Guarantee.

✔  Arranging loan and credit facilities.

✔  Sale and purchase of foreign exchange in spot and forward markets in all freely traded currencies.

Foreign Exchange

We can perform foreign exchange transactions with our clients on a principal to principal basis at exchange rates that are significantly better than what the retail banks offer and our clients save all exchange and other commissions that many banks charge for such transactions.

Foreign exchange and financial markets outlook

Our Treasury experts that have several decades of exposure in financial markets stand ready to discuss and give their views on the current state of the international markets and the prospective path of currencies, commodities and fixed income instruments.