Banking & Treasury

Banking and Treasury Consulco Services

Our Banking Department specializes in catering for all your banking and financial requirements.

Over the years we have developed a very close working relationship with many well established local banks and collaborate with reputable international banking institutions. We provide treasury functions such as currency and interest rate, hedging and foreign exchange to clients on daily basis.


One to one

We are the single point of contact for all our clients’ banking requests providing a wide range of services to individuals and businesses through our associate banks including administration, operation and monitoring of individual, corporate and trust accounts, transactional compliance, arranging loan and credit facilities, sale and purchase of foreign exchange in spot and forward markets in all freely traded currencies.

Personalized banking services are provided to individual clients including personal financial counselling.


Preserving your wealth

We can perform foreign exchange transactions with you on a principal to principal basis at exchange rates that are significantly better than those of many financial institutions.

Our Treasury experts that have several decades of exposure in financial markets stand ready to discuss and give their views on the current state of the international markets and the prospective path of currencies, commodities and fixed income instruments.


Persons make wealth grow, not institutions

A Consulco principal partner is always available for you to contact.  It is crucial to know the big picture when managing details, so our relationship with our client families is built on trust, honesty and integrity.