As Consulco embarks on our third decade in business, our clients are maturing, becoming increasingly sophisticated and wealthy. Their needs and the rules on the playing field are changed by the global financial events surrounding us, as well as by their evolving lifestyle requirements and family circumstances.

International tax, company formation and management are key ingredients to optimizing taxation, increasing profitability and preserving accumulated wealth.

The Consulco organization envisions to provide its clients with the most reliable and personalized service, with maximum integrity and discretion.

In a world as complicated, demanding and rigorous as ours, wealth preservation is at least equally important to wealth creation, for the security and comfort of future generations.

Board of Directors   


Marios Hajiroussos, Director

Marios graduated from the London School of Economics in 1987 with a degree in Accounting and Finance. Marios co-founded Consulco and has been in charge of managing the Group and its business development since 1993. Marios’ exemplary work ethic, visionary drive and unparalleled integrity have contributed to a deserved and well-established reputation in serious financial circles in the UK and Cyprus.

Dmitry Khenkin, Director

Dmitry graduated from Adelphi University, New York with a BBA, Major in Accounting in 1998, ACCA. He has been at the forefront of the Russian and CIS wealth structuring and management business since its inception in 1990. Co-founded Consulco in 1993. Today Dmitry continues to personally manage HNWI client portfolios, offering a combination of experience gained in a successful quarter century in the business, and the comfort of a consistent and dependable service.

Elena Hajiroussou, Director

Elena graduated with BA (Hons) in Law and Economics from Keele University, England in 1991 and was admitted to the Cyprus Bar in 1993. Elena is the founder and partner of Elena Hajiroussou LLC. Elena has extensive experience in advising on private, public and SE company law, commercial contracts, Cyprus international trusts, international franchises, licensing, mergers and acquisitions, property law, shareholder agreements and joint ventures, shipping (wet) and bare-boat chartering, trademarks, and wills. Elena is also a visiting lecturer for a leading bank in Cyprus and a permanent external legal advisor for Consulco Group.