When, and how to use foreign companies, including offshore companies

There are various ways to use foreign (offshore or onshore) companies or other special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in international tax planning and there are various activities for which such companies can be used. On the following pages we give an outline of the most popular forms of using foreign onshore or offshore companies in international tax planning.

We also explain (fiscal and non-fiscal) reasons for setting up the respective companies. We provide an overview of important characteristics that a country needs to have in order to qualify as tax advantageous jurisdiction for the activities in question. There are important issues to consider before setting up the structures in question and we explain how we can be of service to you if you want to set up such a company in a jurisdiction that forms part of Consulco’s extensive product portfolio. All the information is based upon our impressive tradition of rendering outstanding services to international clients for almost 20 years.     

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