Corporate, Trust & Legal

Corporate Trust Legal Consulco Services

Our lawyers and trust professionals form and manage trusts and companies for holding assets and wealth for you and your family, providing maximum asset protection and tax efficiency.

Our lawyers will carry out your day to day trust and corporate work and provide all assistance and advice for your family's estate planning and succession, due diligence for asset acquisition and disposals, litigation and compliance issues.


A never ending relation built on trust

We embrace the challenges of the ever-evolving business environment and strive to find the best ways to accomplish your objectives.

Our corporate structure ensures that all work is thoroughly vetted by professionals, thus ensuring accuracy and dependability.


Wealth planning is personal

Your goals reflect who you are and what you want for yourself, your family and the world around you. However, without the right guidance, achieving these goals in the complex tax and regulatory landscape can be challenging.

We can help you preserve, grow and protect the fruits of your labour through global investment trust structures and ensure the safe passage of your family wealth to your children.


Legal shield

In fast-moving times with dynamic global markets and evolving regulatory environment our team of highly qualified and experienced lawyers is committed to delivering top class modern legal support and protection to you and your family.

And whilst taking a pragmatic approach to multi-jurisdictional investments and transactions, we simultaneously ensure the safeguarding of your best interests


Persons make wealth grow, not institutions

A Consulco principal partner is always available for you to contact.  It is crucial to know the big picture when managing details, so our relationship with our client families is built on trust, honesty and integrity.