We will be pleased to assist you with a preliminary guidance and tax planning for your upcoming project.

Tax planning in 2010 and beyond is a complicated multifaceted task, and there are many interrelated factors which affect your choices. Factors such as the objective you want to achieve, the type of income you will receive, existence of and eligibility for Double Tax Treaty relief, European VAT issues, and local taxation, are just some of these factors. 

Simply put, there is no one magical jurisdiction or structure, which is suitable to all cases.

Tax rates or costs of a jurisdiction are of course important criteria in choosing a jurisdiction, but they are not the most important. In fact, it would be wrong to choose a jurisdiction based on these criteria alone.

The suitability of a jurisdiction or particular corporate structure to the business you plan to operate and the goals you want to achieve is, in our opinion, the single most important question, and the one you should ask first. There is no doubt that specific tax and legal advice is needed for each case.  

In order for us to effectively evaluate your request, and provide you with a brief preliminary tax planning guidance, please provide us with the following information:

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