The lawyers of our associated law firm, Elena Hajiroussou LLC, are experienced in providing a range of legal services you may find of interest to your business:

Corporate Governance 
Proper corporate governance is essential for your business to run smoothly. Our experts are available to assist you to structure the management bodies of your companies in such a way as to ensure that they are both legally compliant and that their decisions are legally valid and enforceable.

Shareholder Agreements

If you have one or more partners in your business or you are considering of partnering with someone, a shareholder agreement is essential protection for you and your business from any potential future disputes with your business partners. Our experts are able to:

  • Advise you on the ways to protect your interests in the business depending on your stake in it
  • Assist you to draft the shareholders’ agreement to make sure that you and your partners agree on all material aspects of your business cooperation and so avoid disputes in the future, and
  • Propose a number of dispute resolution options for you and your partners to agree about before you face a dispute

Ship Registration

If you are considering owning a ship, whether as a leisure yacht for your holidays or as a business asset, our experts are able to assist you to identify the jurisdiction whose flagging requirements your ship meets and register it under the flag of choice.

Countries for ship registration
Marshal islands

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