Investment Management

Investment Management Consulco Services

Consulco MFO can manage your investments on a discretionary or advisory basis. In addition to several products successfully managed in-house by Consulco Group, we work with a handpicked best-in-class group of external managers across a comprehensive span of investment classes.


Scalable flexibility

The range of our investment management services starts with looking after specific isolated investments, to discretionary management of portfolios including various asset classes.



We believe in transparency and honesty when working with our client families. Your return on investment, asset utilization and portfolio valuations are reported and presented in a completely transparent manner. We believe this is the way to honestly account for the work done, and to cultivate and maintain truly long term relationships with our client families.


Growing wealth through active asset management

We aim to deliver the highest return possible from essentially prime, low volatility asset classes. This means we do not like high risk, but will do our best to squeeze out the maximum possible return from the chosen primarily conservative asset class.

When mandated to do so, we relish the chance for proactive asset management, such as real estate development, leveraging a portfolio, managing tenants and lease reviews. We have produced an impressive 14% p.a. return on our overall asset portfolio for the last 7 years running.


Persons make wealth grow, not institutions

A Consulco principal partner is always available for you to contact.  It is crucial to know the big picture when managing details, so our relationship with our client families is built on trust, honesty and integrity.