Risk Management

Through our track record our team has built extensive knowledge in identifying, monitoring and actively managing risks associated with investments and their financing.

Having backgrounds in banking and specifically in risk taking and risk management they are able to offer ideas and solutions as regards to enhanced yield products in a currency other than your base currency and the effective hedging of the resultant foreign exchange exposure so that you can have peace of mind, irrespective of the gyrations in the foreign exchange market.


Our products are available to you in any freely traded currency.

We undertake to minimize your risk exposure by performing the hedge on your behalf with no commissions or other related fees which could leave you at a significantly better position than doing it with any other credit institution.


We undertake all the necessary hedging processes so that you will be guaranteed the returned currency and amount at redemption, minus any expenses that you have been charged by your credit institution for incoming funds.

We do not charge for the hedge. The interest rate we offer is net of all financial expenses.