Our day to day services


✔  Promote our lending products and facilities to the UK investment and professional communities.

✔  Review finance applications.

✔  Interview and profile of the loan applicant.

✔  Apply and obtain credit report on the loan applicant.

✔  Inspect the UK property to be used as a loan collateral, if required.

✔  Evaluate property as security, appoint an independent valuator and receive independent valuation.

✔  Legal due diligence by our internal and external legal advisors.

✔  Sign loan agreements and implementation of charges on property.

✔  Provide funds to the borrower using our own funds.

✔  Promote structured bond to our clients for investment by participation.

✔  Administration of interest and loan repayment.

✔  Debt recovery services in distressed cases.

✔  Attend full settlement and distribute capital plus interest to the investors.


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