What we can do for you

Through our affiliate company Consulco Finance based in the UK, we provide short-term business loans to UK residents, using our own funds, secured by a first or/and second legal charge against real estate located mainly in London,  selected South East, the Midlands and major cities. We give you the opportunity to draw your regular income by participating in our loan book and help you add value to your investment portfolio by gaining high yield returns with a short-term exit strategy as well as capital protection.


A proven scheme of solid fixed income directly deposited into your account at the redemption date.

Short-term investment horizon with the option to redeem or reinvest on a new loan from our loan book.

You are secured against UK properties worth at least 150% of your investment amount.

Our professional and highly experienced team of lawyers, bankers and valuers provide substantial due diligence, underwriting and loan administration in an effort to minimize risk and assure achievement of our investment objectives.


Up to 8% returns per annum

3-18 months, range of investment period

Up to 65% LTV over commercial and semi commercial property

Up to 65% or up to 70% LTV over residential property depending on the type of the charge

1st charge security over commercial and semi commercial property

1st or 2nd charge security over residential property



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