Our day to day services


✔ Source, select and evaluate potential London property  investments.

✔  Full property investment research and analysis of the financial potential of the property investment opportunity.

✔  Review and obtain preliminary approval by our Consulco investments committee.

✔  Negotiate the terms of the potential property acquisitions.

✔  Attend all due diligence work for      property investment acquisitions including legal due diligence.

✔  Independent valuation and structural survey. 

✔  Source finance for the intended investments including the arrangement of interest rate hedging.



  ✔  Tax structuring and tax optimization for property investments.

 ✔  Review and obtain final approval by our     Consulco investments committee.

 ✔  Accounting, corporate and financial    compliance.

 ✔  Active property management to add capital and rental   value to the property investments including rent review   negotiations, replacing tenants, building and renting extra   floor space where applicable, renovations to add value etc.

 ✔  Regular visits to the tenants and active relationship     management.

 ✔  Production of management reports for investors.

 ✔  Attend the promotion and sale of the property: disinvestment and distribution of profits to the investors.



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