Our aim and priority is to provide to our clients services of the highest level of quality, always maintaining our professional and business ethics so as to enhance and add value to our services. Our multilingual staff members make it possible to service clients in various languages, including English, Greek, Russian, Bulgarian and Romanian.

We use professional computerized payroll software for recording and keeping proper payroll records, and extracting various payroll reports.

Our services in this field include:

  • Assistance in registering and de-registering employers and employees with the Labour Office - We may provide assistance in completing application forms and related documents for registering and de-registering employers and employees with the Labour Office, as well as liaison with the Labour Office in this respect
  • Keeping of proper payroll records - This includes keeping of proper payroll records in accordance with the requirements of the legislation applicable, the running of the payroll on a periodic basis, the calculation of net salaries, social costs and taxes, etc
  • Issuance of monthly and yearly payslips and related reports - This includes the issuance of monthly payslips based on the salary contracts, as well as the issuance of yearly certificates of emoluments
  • Assistance in completion/submission of monthly and yearly payroll related returns with authorities - We may assist in completing various payroll related returns that need to be submitted with the relevant authorities on a monthly of yearly basis, including returns for paying social insurance, returns for paying taxes, and annual employer’s return
  • Assistance in paying social insurance and related costs to the local authorities - We may assist in arranging for social insurance and related payroll costs to be paid with the relevant authorities


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