Procedure for registration of ships

Government Policy on the registration of ships The Government policy on the registration of ships in the Cyprus registry (Circular No 14/2009), states the additional requirements or conditions for the registration of ships which are deemed necessary for the achievement of safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans. Under the policy, ships of any type or size, may be registered in the Register of Cyprus Ships or the Special Book of Parallel Registration, as long as they comply with the provisions contained in the merchant shipping legislation and the circulars of the Department of Merchant Shipping. In addition, they must comply with the applicable age-related requirements and the applicable type-related requirements, which must be fulfilled concurrently with the submission of the application for registration and must be complied with at all times while the ship remains registered, irrespective of any transfer of ownership.

Notwithstanding the above, the owner/bareboat charterer of a vessel registered under the Cyprus flag in accordance with the policy, automatically undertakes that whenever the Department of Merchant Shipping deems necessary to have the vessel inspected by its own surveyors as a result of identified deficiencies or an alleged serious violation of international conventions or EU instruments or prohibition of transportation orders or any other notification published in the Official Gazette of the Republic, he is required to submit the vessel for inspection, at his expense, in order for the Department to determine whether the vessel meets the applicable statutory requirements. Notwithstanding the above, in the case of parallel registration of a Cyprus vessel in a foreign register or in the case of a layup of a Cyprus vessel either in Cyprus or in a foreign country, the conditions, if any, imposed at the time of its initial registration are suspended for the duration of the status or parallel registration or for as long as the lay-up of the vessel lasts. Any change in the mode of registration of a vessel (provisional, permanent, parallel) does not affect the conditions, if any, which currently apply to it since the time of its initial registration, provided that there is no practical discontinuity
in its registration in the Cyprus Register of ships. The Registrar of Cyprus Ships will not consider applications for the registration in the Register of Cyprus Ships or in the Special Book of Parallel Registration of ships which: 

• at the time of the application for their registration, are banned on port State control grounds by a State member of any one of the Memoranda of Understanding on port State control, from entering the ports of the States party to that memorandum or which have been banned by a State from entering its ports;

• have been detained on port State control grounds on three or more occasions during the two year period prior to the date of application for registration by States members of the Paris or the Tokyo or the Mediterranean Memoranda of Understanding on port State control or by the United States Coast Guard; and

• have been constructed for exclusive use on inland navigation or which are to be used exclusively on inland navigation.

The age of a vessel is calculated by deducting the year when its keel was laid from the year when the application for registration of the vessel was filed with the Registrar of Cyprus Ships. For the purposes of the policy, the year of major conversion or reconstruction of a vessel will be taken into account for the calculation of its age provided that on the date of conversion or reconstruction the vessel complies with all the provisions of the international maritime conventions as a new vessel

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