Professional Fiduciary

Professional Fiduciary Consulco Services

Consulco MFO provides a complete scope of fiduciary services, spanning over 10 jurisdictions. We offer directorships, domiciliation, company secretarial, administration and trusteeships, amongst others.

Nothing beats experience, and after 25 years in the fiduciary business our team is superbly trained in all related commercial, technical and risk management issues.


A personal relationship with your trustee

Only our shareholder management acts as trustees, so you may be assured of top level attention and service in all cases.

We prefer to know and work personally with our client families. We believe in the people behind the numbers, and encourage personal meetings between our clients and their advisers and trustees.  


Unparalleled discretion

Confidentiality, integrity and discretion is at the heart of the fiduciary business, and we value these principles above all else. We strive to provide optimum operational productivity for all structures we manage, coupled with proactive compliance in a continuously challenging regulatory landscape.


Persons make wealth grow, not institutions

A Consulco principal partner is always available for you to contact.  It is crucial to know the big picture when managing details, so our relationship with our client families is built on trust, honesty and integrity.