Tax Planning, VAT & Tax Return Preparation

We pride ourselves as a team combining diversified expertise and experience. Our tax team has the capability to offer a premium service, making a real difference to the client’s tax and VAT affairs.


We provide, to a very high standard of efficiency and timeliness, VAT and annual corporation tax compliance services and advisory for a large number of clients.


Through our diversified expertise and experience you can have access to value-added services at the top of the tax-planning range to optimize tax-wise your corporate structures and family trusts.

 ✔  Assisting in the preparation of tax computations.

 ✔  Review and submitting tax returns

 ✔  Dealing with the International Tax Affairs division queries.

 ✔  Assisting in obtaining tax residency / clearance certificates on your behalf.

 ✔  Dealing with Tax Office queries on tax matters on your behalf.

 ✔  Ensuring prompt settlement of any kind of taxes on your behalf.

 ✔  Assisting in registration and deregistration to/from VAT.

 ✔  Assisting in the preparation of VAT returns, recapitulative statements. (VIES returns), and INTRASTAT returns.

 ✔ Assisting in payment of VAT liabilities and obtaining VAT refunds.





 ✔  International tax planning, structuring and strategy services according to individual business needs.

 ✔  Obtaining advance tax rulings on future transactions and set ups.

 ✔  Due diligence reports for new acquisitions.

 ✔  Dealing on disputes with the tax authorities.

 ✔  Transfer Pricing consultations.

 ✔  Increasing business efficiency through restructuring, migration, acquisitions, mergers and disposals.

 ✔  Providing advice regarding the VAT impact of transactions.

 ✔  Obtaining of rulings from the tax authorities regarding the VAT treatments of specific transactions.

 ✔  Day-to-day communication with the tax authorities regarding VAT matters.