Trust formation, trustees & administration

A trust allows the individual to package the assets of his choice in a legally secure form and appoint professionals to oversee these assets, for the benefits of the appointed beneficiaries.

The trust has many advantages, including great tax planning opportunities, as well as ensuring the safe passage of the fruits of our labour to your entitled heirs.

We can set up a family global investment trust for high net worth individuals to secure their international assets for their families and future generations.

We, as a licensed provider of administrative services can act as Trustee for such trusts, safeguard the assets of the trust and prepare financial reports of the trust for the beneficiaries.

 In our capacity, as the trustee of the trust, we monitor the    financial and business activities of the trust to make sure that  they perform to the best interest of the beneficiaries.

 We do risk management and monitoring of the trust affairs on  a regular basis for various risks present, including tax risks,  asset risks and currency risks.


“We help you Preserve, Grow and Protect the fruits of your labour”

“We must guarantee the smooth transition of the family wealth to your children”