UK Real Estate Investments

We acquire, develop and actively manage properties in vibrant locations with leisure/retail ground floor facilities, and where possible upper storeys constituting residential and office units, which facilitate our core plus and value added investment strategies.

Our focus has so far been real estate in the heart of London and in specific world-famous places such as Soho and Covent Garden, and upcoming trendy areas like Farringdon and Bermondsey. Our London real estate portfolio comprises of properties with current value of approximately £100 million.

Our experienced commercial and residential real estate professionals develop and manage real estate portfolios for our clients by professional selection of quality assets, acquisition at the right price, suitable development and skillful management of properties in London and Britain.

The professional consultants whom we turn to for advice and our expertise ensure that we constantly source and analyse acquisition opportunities for quality income producing assets in strong investment destinations thus accomplishing a rewarding relationship from which out high net worth families can gain and prosper.