United Kingdom (UK)

General information

The United Kingdom with over 110 treaties and a world known investment centre makes it a good gateway into Europe.  It continues to be a good location for companies that need a European presence.


Currency: Great Britain Pound
Language: English
Type of law: Common law
Type of Company: Private Limited

Principal Corporate Legislation:

Companies Act 1985; Companies Act 1989; Companies Act 2006
Uses: Commercial and trading activities, subject to trading restrictions as below
Trading Restriction:

Cannot undertake business of banking, insurance, financial services, consumer credit or any other activities associated with the finance industry

Company name:

Restrictions: similar or identical to existing company, name that suggests the patronage of the Royal family or implies an association with the government of UK.  Names which include the words assurance, bank, building society, insurance, reinsurance, etc. or equivalents in foreign language requires the approval of the Secretary of State

Language of legislation and corporate documents:

Taxation: 21% - 28%
Annual license fee: Not applicable

Double Tax Treaty Network:

Party to double tax treaties with many countries

Registered Agent / Office:

Must maintain a registered office address within the UK
Shareholders: Minimum number: One
Publicly accessible records: Yes
Register of Shareholders:  Must be kept at the Registered Office

Disclosure of Beneficial Owner:

Not publicly available
Directors: Minimum: One
At least one director who is a natural person.
Nationality: no restriction
Publicly accessible records: Yes
Location of meetings:  Anywhere
 Secretary: Local or qualified: No restriction
 Share capital: Permitted currency: Any
The minimum paid up capital is GBP1.
 Annual Reporting: Must file Annual Return and Annual Accounts.  Filing of audited accounts is required but small company exemption
 Shelf company: Yes


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