Structuring and Managing Global Wealth

The Consulco Group has been in business since 1993, when it was founded as a trust services firm, and since 2010 has operated as a multi-family office. As one of Cyprus’s biggest corporate service providers over the last 25 years, we have amassed a tremendous amount of experience in handling client issues of a wide range of size, scope and complexity.  

As of 2009, Consulco has organically evolved into a multi-family office for high net-worth families, in response to the changing requirements and growing wealth of our customers. We provide corporate services to businesses, those including tax and legal advisory, statutory accounts preparation and audit.  We also look after our individual clients’ wealth management needs, structuring their family wealth and managing syndicated and bespoke real estate, credit and private equity investments.

Our relationship with our high net-worth clients has grown and matured into a mutually respectful and prosperous cooperation, built on professionalism, trust, integrity and impressive results,  all tested by time. 

Consulco MFO has been meticulously run and nurtured by shareholder management for 25 years and counting.

As a result of this shared evolution, clients have the immense benefit of addressing their concerns with individuals sharing similar financial circumstances, goals, desires, values and ambitions.

We welcome you to the Consulco multi-family office for high net-worth families.

Structuring and managing global wealth. 

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