01What we do

Behind every investment:
the finest professionals.

Our investment managers work closely with all our internal and external professionals including our internal legal team and internal financial team for achieving the highest standards and results for client investments.

Elena Hajiroussou
Director, Member of the Board of Directors & Head of Legal
Elena graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Law and Economics from Keele University, England in 1991 and was admitted to the Cyprus Bar in 1993.
Elena during her working career to date has acquired extensive experience on private, public and European company law, commercial contracts, property law and credit law. Elena is one of the founding members of the Consulco Group and overall responsible for the legal issues of the group and its investments.
02Meet the team

Profitable deals take
solid structuring.

Our assignments are concentrated on fund structuring and management, and investment placement projects. We deliver due diligence on property acquisitions and real estate management, construction contracts for property developments, long and short-term tenancies, real estate funding and loan structuring, sale/assignment of loans, and ring-fencing structures. Asset protection is the epitome of investment structuring and our mission.