We are pleased to present the April 2024 performance report of the London Credit Fund, showcasing yet another month of prominent results.

Financial Highlights
Here’s a breakdown of the latest performance metrics for Investment Compartments A & B:

Investment Compartment A

  • £: Annualized return of 5.90% p.a., exceeding its 5% target
  • $: Annualized return of 5.57% p.a., exceeding its 5% target
  • €: Annualized return of 4.40% p.a., exceeding its 4% target

Investment Compartment B

  • £: Annualized return of 7.48% p.a., exceeding its 6% target
  • $: Annualized return of 7.25% p.a., exceeding its 6% target
  • €: Annualized return of 5.99% p.a., exceeding its 5% target

AUM and Investor Categories:
April 2024 witnessed another solid performance by the London Credit Fund, reaffirming our commitment to delivering high returns for our esteemed clientele. Our clients include High Net-Worth Individuals, Companies, Provident/Pension Funds, and Banks & Insurance Companies.

Additionally, we are excited to announce that the London Credit Fund’s Assets Under Management (AUMs) have reached €50 million, reflecting growing confidence in our investment strategies.

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Contact Details:
Georgia Bourouchtsi
invest@consulco.com / +35722361300

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This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the LC London Credit AIF V.C.I.C. Public Ltd (“the Fund”) prospectus before making any final investment decisions. There are a number of risk factors which a prospective investor should take into account prior to deciding to participate in the Fund, therefore, please refer to the Fund’s prospectus for further details. The Fund is available solely to Professional and Well-Informed investors. As with all investing, your capital may be at risk. Past performance does not predict future returns.