Consulco, the investment manager with offices in London, Dubai, Moscow and Nicosia, established its newest office in Limassol. The office is centrally located at  18 Evagora Papachristoforou Street, parallel to Makarios Avenue, near the town’s municipal park. The firm’s Limassol operations are managed by Christos Hadjisotiris and Evangelia Kapnistou, both Limassol bred professionals with considerable experience in the financial and investment sectors.  

Marios Hadjiroussos, Consulco’s CEO commented “Limassol is an important office location for Consulco, as it enables the firm to provide a wider coverage and a better level of services to all the Cypriot and expatriate investment communities living on the island”.

Consulco structures investments in London and Europe for high-net-worth families and professional investors. In 2021, Consulco launched its London Credit Fund, that targets 4 % return per annum for its euro unitholders and 5% return per annum for its dollar and sterling unitholders, payable quarterly. The London Credit Fund, duly licensed as an Alternative Investment Fund (‘‘AIF’’), is very popular with both high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors, including pension and provident funds, insurance companies and banks. The fund’s appeal among investors stems from the fact that it pays out a quarterly dividend to its investors, its underlying investments are asset secured with London real estate and the notice period to exit the fund is only 6 months.  

Consulco will launch its new UK Value Add real estate fund, namely the ‘‘Three Lions Real Estate Fund’’ in the first quarter of 2022. The fund will target a 7 % annual net return to its investors and will be investing in London, Oxford and Cambridge real estate. Consulco’s London real estate net investment return to its investors has averaged 8.1 % per annum for the last 11 years, as ascertained by MSCI, the leading global market index provider for the investment community.        

“Our Limassol office and colleagues will be servicing the increasing number of our Cypriot and expatriate clients based in Limassolwith their credit and real estate investments in London and Europe” said Michael Tannousis head of investment services in Consulco.