We recently hosted three unique cocktail parties, under the name “London Gin Night”, dedicated to our valued customers, partners and friends.

The main event was recently held at our Headquarters in Nicosia, while two separate events were held for our partners in Limassol and Larnaca. “London Gin Night” has been established as an annual event, to celebrate the success of the Consulco’s investments in strategic UK locations, for the benefit of investors.

Enjoy some highlights of our London Gin Nights!

London Gin Night at our Headquarters in Nicosia

London Gin Night at the amazing La Caleta at The Icon in Limassol

London Gin Night at the scenic Ammos Beach Bar in Larnaca

With an active presence and strong performance in managing real estate, credit, and private equity investments in the UK and Europe, our client base includes institutional investors, high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as pension funds, provident funds, and insurance companies.

The key vehicle for our company’s activities is the London Credit Fund, our alternative investment fund, which invests through its subsidiaries in short- and medium-term business loans granted in the UK and secured against London real estate, in order to meet the needs of entrepreneurs who require immediate financing. London Credit Fund currently has two active compartments: The first compartment targets monthly returns of 4-5% to its Euro stakeholders secured against residential London properties, while the second provides targets monthly returns of 5-6% to its Euro stakeholders secured against commercial London properties.

We would like to thank our clients and partners for putting their trust in us and we are committed to delivering continuous success.

The London Credit Fund is available solely to Professional and Well-Informed investors. As with all investing, your capital may be at risk. There are a number of risk factors which a prospective investor should take into account prior to deciding to participate in the Fund, therefore, please refer to the Fund’s prospectus for further details