At Consulco, we have managed to gather able and experienced individuals to build our Marketing Team. These professionals have the expertise and know-how to reinforce our brand, grow and maintain thought leadership through both digital and physical marketing activities

We are happy and proud to announce that we have worked on a new initiative, to support all our partners, who would be interested to learn more about and promote the London Credit Fund, which invests in short and medium-term loans to deliver a regular and stable return. All loans are secured with UK real estate, providing a significant protection buffer for the investors.

We can provide our partners with the support they need in terms of marketing tools, materials, knowledge and training to equip and assist their own marketing teams in promoting and communicating the LCF to their clientele. The above include articles, static and video visuals, social media and email marketing training, support and plan of digital and physical events and many more, based on what each partner wants and needs in order to feel confident and be fully prepared.