We proudly announce the successful conclusion of the “Next Generation Proposals for a Better Cyprus” student competition. An initiative organized and sponsored by Consulco, in collaboration with renowned educational institutions of Cyprus, namely UCLan Cyprus, Frederick University, and Neapolis University Pafos.

The primary objective of the competition was to recognize and promote innovative ideas among undergraduate and postgraduate students from major Cypriot cities. Our aim was to provide a platform for these talented young individuals to propose ideas and solutions that could drive structural changes, ultimately enhancing Cyprus’ business environment and attracting further investment to the island. As a forward-thinking investment company, we firmly believe in the power of fresh perspectives and innovative thinking.

The response from students across the participating universities was overwhelming. Their dedication and passion were evident as they submitted their research projects and proposals. A special jury panel, comprising experts from relevant fields, meticulously evaluated the submissions. After careful consideration, we are delighted to announce the winners of the 1st prize from each university.

We extend our warmest congratulations to the following outstanding students, who emerged as the 1st prize winners:

  • Eleni Demosthenous from Frederick University
  • Alexandros Solomonides from UCLan Cyprus
  • Vladislav Machos from Neapolis University Pafos

In addition to the top three winners, Consulco is proud to recognize the exceptional efforts of 10 more students. Among them, 2 students were awarded from Frederick University, 3 from UCLan Cyprus, and 5 from Neapolis University. We commend their exemplary achievements and acknowledge their potential to make significant contributions to the investment sector in Cyprus.

Marios Hajiroussos, our CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the competition and the invaluable role played by the younger generation. He emphasizes, “At Consulco, we firmly believe that the younger generations can act as catalysts for improving the economy and society as a whole. The ‘Next Generation Proposals for a Better Cyprus’ competition aimed to motivate young people to actively participate in enhancing the country’s investment environment, ultimately fostering long-term economic prosperity.”

To further inspire dialogue and encourage action, Consulco is thrilled to offer the first three winners a unique opportunity. They will have the privilege of presenting their research findings and proposals to the esteemed members of the Nicosia and Limassol Chambers of Commerce and Industry. This platform will facilitate meaningful engagement with key stakeholders, fostering collaboration and potentially influencing future developments in the investment sector.

Consulco is committed to nurturing innovative ideas and supporting the young talent of Cyprus. By organizing and sponsoring this competition, we demonstrate our dedication to driving positive change within the business environment. We firmly believe in fostering an ecosystem that encourages innovation and growth for young individuals, as they are the future leaders who will shape and contribute to the continued success of Cyprus’ investment sector.

On behalf of Consulco, we extend our warmest congratulations to all the winners and participants of the “Next Generation Proposals for a Better Cyprus” student competition. We remain steadfast in our commitment to recognizing and encouraging young talent, as they are the driving force behind our shared vision of a prosperous and innovative Cyprus.