Consulco: Investment Management

Consulco, established back in 1993, has grown through the years and focused on the production of high investment results for investors’ capital while at the same time making no compromise towards risk identification and mitigation. The group has a wealth of experience and long expertise in the UK’s steadily growing industries of real estate and finance and showcases a vast number of success stories.

Consulco Capital Ltd, is a regulated fund manager by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC). It has been managing alternative investment funds for nearly a decade and offering healthy ROIs to its investors, should these be high net worth individuals, provident and/or pension funds, corporate entities, banks, and insurance companies.

In terms of the London real estate investments, the group is following a holistic strategy in its pursuit to add value for its investors by firstly identifying the right location at the perfect timing and then targeting and acquiring properties. Such acquired properties will then be extended, refurbished, or redecorated and their current leases extended and let out. All mentioned elements brought together add considerable value to the properties resulting to significant returns to investors who select to partner with Consulco.

Bridge financing on the other hand is in fact a short-term finance solution for business purposes used to bridge a gap until long-term financing can be put in place or alternative funds are received from another source.

LC London Credit AIF V.C.I.C. Public Ltd (London Credit Fund), is Consulco’s CySEC regulated and authorised alternative investment fund. The London Credit Fund invests in bridge financing secured against a London and/or UK property with a registered first or second legal charge.

Touching base in Limassol

A new chapter to Consulco’s rapid expansion and continuation of its successful corporate life has been the establishment of its latest office at the heart of Limassol’s business centre. The company will soon celebrate its 1st anniversary of its physical presence right in the centre of the city’s business life.

The London Credit Fund by Consulco

The London Credit Fund is seen as Consulco’s precious gemstone as the provision of healthy yields is coupled with an intelligent risk management model which elevates the fund’s attractiveness to investors of varied risk profiles at exceptional level.

The London Credit Fund is a private equity open-ended umbrella fund with a single investment compartment, authorised and regulated by CySEC. The London Credit Fund invests via its subsidiaries into short term and medium termfinancing in the United Kingdom secured against UK real estate, primarily London residential properties.

The Fund’s risk management strategy is based on Consulco’s fixed policy to invest in bridge financing secured against UK real estate properties as collaterals at a Loan-To-Value rate less than 75% while the current average is as low as 60%.

Short- and medium-term financing is secured by London real estate, which is not the primary residence of the borrower. The rights of the lender to the sale of the security property in the case of default are pre-established and require no court procedures or in fact any kind of additional permission or agreement from anyone to exercise those rights. In default cases, the property goes to auction for sale and subsequent settlement of the principal and interest due. The time it takes to sell the security and recoup the capital and interest in such cases is as short as just four months.

By the end of April 2022, London Credit Fund completed 15 months since accepting its very first subscription and has attracted the sum of €18.2m in assets under management (AUM) secured by London real estate properties which current market value sums up to €29.2m.

Target returns are 5% for the GBP and USD investments and 4% for the EUR investments. The 1st quarter of 2022 results recorded a staggering annualised return of 5.45% for the GBP unit holders, a 5.26% for the USD unit holders and a 4.17% for investors being onboarded in EUR currency.

Simply put, the London Credit Fund is an investment solution providing yields over 5% for the GBP and USD and over 4% for the EUR while investments are collateralised on highly liquid UK/London real estate properties with an average Loan-To-Value (LTV) as low as 60%; thus, retaining a security cushion of 40%.

The New Real Estate Fund by Consulco

The group is planning the launch of a new real estate fund which will aim to predominantly invest in selected regeneration areas within greater London combined with pre-specified areas                                                                                                                                                                            2 in between the the Oxford Cambridge Arc .

Based on past track record and results-focused reputation, the fund will be of open-ended type and is set to diversify its portfolio by acquiring a mix of residential, office, retail, and logistics properties. This is a very brief outline of the new real estate fund which details, terms, conditions and target returns shall be made publicly available on the official launch which will take place during the exquisite events which Consulco is organising for current and potential investors alike.

Meet us in Limassol

Potential investors and Consulco friends may join us for a friendly, open discussion at the core of the city’s business centre, at 18 Evagora Papachristoforou Street on the 4th floor of Petousis Building. This is where Consulco’s Limassol hub is located.


This is a marketing communication. Past performance does not predict future returns. Please refer to the prospectus of LC London Credit AIF V.C.I.C. Public Ltd and to the KID before making any final investment decisions.