The Group’s long-term goal is to protect and increase our customers’ return on capital, through appropriate structures and investments, and the successful and prudent risk management.

“In the current economic and investment environment investors seek alternative investment options whilst applying an important principle: portfolio diversification, risk reduction and high returns, in order to add value to their portfolio.” states Consulco’s Director of Investment Services, Michalis Tannousis, about the importance of the investment fund sector, noting that: “Undoubtedly, In Cyprus the favourite long-term investment has been cash deposits in the bank and investments in real estate. In recent years, however, some of these perceptions have shifted. Bank deposits now offer very low interest rates, with charges on deposit accounts, while the choice to buy real estate is difficult as prices remain high due to increased costs of construction materials, fuel and transport. There are currently remarkable companies with significant dividend returns and strong competitive advantage. The aim is for investors to receive correct and complete information about these companies and the investment options they offer”.


As Mr Tannousis points out, “Consulco has been well-established in the professional and investment services sector since 1993 with many years of experience in investment management in London and consistently high investment returns. It operates through two companies, Consulco Real Estate and London Credit, through which it creates and manages medium and long-term investments. These investments provide solutions to private and institutional investors, offering them the option to invest in short and medium-term available loans and at a low or medium risk level, so that the investment products meet their requirements.”


Consulco Real Estate’s main activity during the last 10 years has been the management of real estate investments in London, with a portfolio of over 120 million, consisting of both commercial and residential properties, with the ultimate goal of creating capital gains and increasing rents and profits. The net return achieved by Consulco Real Estate for the period 2010 – 2020 for its investors was 8.18% per annum, rated by Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI). Our London executives’ years of experience and the impressive results of the last decade prove the company’s successful strategy.

Consulco will soon announce a new five-year collective investment Real Estate Fund, which will focus on the market and the expansion of commercial real estate in areas of London with increased demand. This collective investment will be open for registration to private and institutional investors in 3 months.


At the same time, Consulco established the company London Credit, which over the last 10 years has provided short-term loans secured by residential and commercial properties in London, participated by investors who have enjoyed stable and high returns.

Through this participation, investors derive a steady income and benefit from a clear exit strategy, as financing is usually repaid in full within six to twelve months.

The investment in the short term yields stable returns between 5-7% with security over a  property in London that is worth at least 150% of the invested amount. Over the last 10 years London Credit has approved short-term loans worth more than 120 million. In 2021, Consulco created the London Credit Fund, an alternative investment fund, which offers professional and well-informed investors high and stable yields of 4% in its euro unitholders, a short 12-month horizon and protection of investment capital over high value properties in London.

In the last 7 months, the fund’s assets have reached 11 million euros, with investors consisting of insurance companies, provident and pension funds, companies, banks and individuals.

The Group’s long-term goal is to protect and increase  the return on capital of our customers, through appropriate structures and investments, and the successful and prudent risk management.

Indicatively, in the last 10 years and after the Brexit decision in 2016 and the COVID-19 pandemic (2020), London Credit’s investors’ profits and dividends have remained stable.

“To achieve this goal it is necessary to have experienced people and to operate inappropriate markets, with the right legal framework and professionalism. The investors who trust our Group rely on its many years of knowledge and experience in the field of alternative investments and on the impressive results it continuously achieves”, emphasizes Director of Investment Services of Consulco, Mr. Michalis Tannousis.

*As published on Economy Today