London Today

Over the last 12 years we have managed to establish ourselves as a specialist London real estate and credit investment manager with a track record consistently outperforming the market and our competition. This investment performance empowers our clients; families, companies and provident funds to provide for their members future welfare by profitable investments today.

To date we manage more than 150 million sterling worth of investments increasing by 3 to 5 million per calendar month. Our clients in Cyprus include many high-net-worth families, companies, insurance companies, provident funds and banks whose members profit from our investment products.

London has fully recovered from Brexit and Covid, having proved its resilience and the UK economy is expected to outperform that of other major investment hubs over the next few years.

Despite the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and rising inflation, prime London residential property is set to enjoy five years of growth – both rental and capital.  Furthermore, values for prime London offices and retail units are also forecast to rise during 2022 – with both providing income and capital growth. Long term global investors see London’s position between Asia and the US, its universal language, and its divorce from the EU as positive attributes which they believe will drive performance over the next 20 years.  Not surprisingly then, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and pension funds have all been active in the property investment market over the past 12 months, maintaining prime yields at their pre-pandemic levels.

More London Real Estate

We are in the process to structure a new UK property fund, namely the Three Lions Property Fund that will invest into selected properties that we can add value to by active hands on initiatives in property markets we know and whose values we expect to increase.  

These locations include:

  • selected Central London areas that we know well that will benefit from increasing foreign and local visitors 
  • some greater London areas that will benefit from Large public and private regenaration and infrastructure projects
  • The Cambridge Oxford knowledge arc that is fast developing in one of the major research areas in the world with many companies and families moving there 

More London Credit

We are expanding our London based lender namely London Credit to provide more lending and  lending products to the London investment and business communities by expanding our loan origination, our loan underwriting and administration teams and investing in the digitalisation of all the work.

London Credit uses its own equity, investment syndication through regulated funds and bank facilities. We are now expanding our offering both in London but also branching out in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. 

The London Credit Fund, our fund that is licensed and supervised by the Cysec provides regular income consistently exceeding its target income returns, payable every quarter, to many of the leading institutional and private family investors in Cyprus. We expect the London Credit Fund to grow substantially because in a low / no fixed income environment with erratic conditions London Credit provides London property secured income to its unitholders.   

Adding London Private Equity

We are currently researching and planning our expansion into private equity projects that orbitate within or around the London property sector currently focusing into two areas:

  • RB&B in Central London commencing initially with an existing portfolio of central London  flats under ownership and management.  
  • a cluster of coworking business centres in Farringdon accommodating professionals that demand office space and facilities compatible with the newly established hybrid office / working from home work mode.  

The above projects will engage London real estate achieving higher income yields for our investments and clients. 

Digitisation of London Investments

The digitisation of the global business environment is taking place at a fast pace and Consulco will create a digital platform through which investment professionals around the globe will be able to place their investments into real estate, credit and private equity investments into London irrespective of investment size with a push of a button with full transparency, disclosure and reporting. I believe this is where the future of financial services lies. If we are able to provide added value and investment income to our digital clients with one button click then our business will have a great future in this brave new digital world.

Consulco in a glance

Consulco, an investment manager with offices in Cyprus, London and Dubai structures and manages real estate, credit and private equity investments for its client families, companies, provident funds, insurance companies and banks empowering them to ensure their members future financial needs.   

Marios Hajiroussos, CEO, Consulco

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