Consulco’s London Credit Fund has been reaching and exceeding its annualized target return of 4,00% on Euro since its inception. More specifically, the Fund achieved 4,00% p.a. during June 2022 and the same for the whole second quarter of 2022, while the percentage of the 2022 year-to-date performance is at 4,20% p.a.; London Credit Fund’s performance during the last 12 months is at 4,20% p.a. on average, while its annualized return since its inception is at 4,00%.

Consulco keeps surpassing its annualized target returns on all three currencies. The annualized return for Q2 2022 was 5.53% for its sterling unitholders, 5.32% for its dollar unitholders and 4.00% for its euro unitholders for each of the above share classes respectively.

The Fund’s appeal stems from its blend of steady income and low risk in a financial world desperate for income investments. Consulco’s London Credit Fund piques the interest of every knowledgeable and sophisticated investor due to its competitive advantages and benefits. During June, the Fund’s investors base consisted of 49% High Net Worth Individuals, 22% Companies, 23% Provident Funds and 6% Banks and Insurance Companies. The minimum investment in the Fund is 125,000 Euro, with a minimum investment term of 12 months.

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