At Consulco, one of our internal focuses is to promote and encourage a consistent approach to employee well-being by promoting a health-conscious company culture. This way, we are able to encourage a healthier lifestyle across employee groups in order to increase health outcomes while also enhancing productivity, maximizing human resource investments, and improving employee engagement.

On the occasion of Global Wellness Day, which is tomorrow June 12th, our company organized an agenda with multiple corporate wellness activities, such as sessions with fitness instructors and nutritionist, in order to support employees’ mental and physical health. Our employees spend a significant amount of time at work, therefore aligning health goals with work-life balance is crucial to generate business results. Employee well-being activities should be readjusted in order to satisfy the requirements of staff aiming to reach their wellness aims, therefore supporting the business’s strategic goals and objectives.

Employees who are physically present at work but are not working are said to be unproductive; this is defined as presenteeism. Staff’s low productivity might be attributed to a variety of factors. They may not know how to operate the equipment, they may be distracted by other personnel, they may not know what they are doing, they may be exhausted, or they could be on social media. Poor health -due to smoking/unhealthy eating habits/lack of exercise etc.- is one of the leading reasons of presenteeism.

In summary, poor individual lifestyle habits can result in significantly lower productive work time. Presenteeism is linked to poor health practices, severe stress and increased health risks, and the development of chronic disease. Wellness programs that focus on assisting employees in developing healthy habits will eventually have an effect on productivity. To celebrate the International Day of Yoga the upcoming Monday, June 21st, Consulco’s management has scheduled multiple yoga sessions for our employees. Corporate Yoga is a broad notion that refers to functioning happily in the middle of a demanding corporate setting. According to a World Health Organization global survey, depression is the second most debilitating illness in the corporate sector, following cardio-vascular illnesses.

Heavy workloads, multi-tasking, fierce competition, long commute, inconsistent eating patterns, stationary desk occupations, and poor seating postures all contribute to a workforce that is extremely stressed, inefficient, and consequently despondent. Yoga brings elements to corporate boardrooms such as stress relief, energy improvement, greater creativity and attention, and wellness for personnel, as well as efficiency and higher productivity for the company.

Wellness activities are a proactive approach to a person’s physical and mental health, as well as their well-being and personal and professional progress. At Consulco, we value our employees and we know that in order to be at the top of their game and perform at their highest level, there are needs that need to be covered and health is number one on this list. So, contributing to our staff’s mental and physical health is one of our top internal priorities.