Consulco’s London Credit Fund has been performing well and exceeding its annualized target returns in all currencies. In April 2023, the fund achieved the following annualized returns:

  • 6.22% p.a. on GBP (£), surpassing the target return of 5%
  • 4.42% p.a. on EUR (€), surpassing the target return of 4%
  • 6.04% p.a. on USD ($), surpassing the target return of 5%

This consistent performance trend has been ongoing for over a year, with monthly annualized returns exceeding targets. Based on this track record, Consulco anticipates that the fund will continue to deliver returns above target in the upcoming months of 2023.

As of the last month, the fund’s Assets Under Management (AUM) amounted to €36,456,442 million. The investor categories were comprised as follows:

  • 56% High Net Worth Individuals
  • 18% Companies
  • 19% Provident/Pension Funds
  • 7% Banks & Insurance Companies

The London Credit Fund offers a net after-fee return of 5%+ per year on GBP and USD, and 4%+ per year on EUR. It presents a low-risk investment opportunity that combines real estate and finance through the UK’s bridge finance, which is valued at over £7.9 billion. The minimum investment amount in the fund is €125,000, with a minimum investment period of 12 months.

The fund primarily invests in a diversified portfolio of short-term loans in Greater London, with first charge real estate protection. London Credit, a reputable UK-based lender with a 12-year track record and over £199 million in loans issued and collected, manages these loans. The loan portfolio mainly consists of loans secured by residential and commercial real estate.

The London property market is known for its maturity, transparency, and dynamism, making it an attractive investment option. The city’s historical significance as a commercial hub provides a solid foundation for its continued development and success in the post-Brexit era. London’s real estate market is generally considered safe and less susceptible to the same risks and fluctuations as other parts of the country or European cities.

Consulco’s London Credit Fund aims to provide a reliable income investment with reduced risk, capitalizing on the stability and potential of London’s real estate market.

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