The results of our Fund’s performance are out, covering the month of August 2023, and we are proud to share that the targets once again have not only been met, but also exceeded.

August’s Annualised Returns

Our Fund achieved the following annualised returns, reinforcing its track record:

  • 6.34% p.a. on GBP (£), surpassing the target return of 5%
  • 5.15% p.a. on USD ($), surpassing the target return of 5%
  • 4.61% p.a. on EUR (€), surpassing the target return of 4%

This consistent performance trend continues to demonstrate the London Credit Fund’s commitment to delivering outstanding returns.

Our AUMs reached €40,910,770 million during the last month while our Investors’ Categories were formed as follows:

  • High Net Worth Individuals: 57%
  • Companies: 18%
  • Provident/Pension Funds: 19%
  • Banks & Insurance Companies: 6%

Our London Credit Fund is designed to offer investors a steady income with reduced risk, leveraging the stability and potential inherent in London’s real estate market.

We invite you to reach out to us today to discover our investment approach and how we can assist you achieve your financial objectives.

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