For over three decades, the Consulco Group has been a trusted name in the financial landscape, with a global presence in London, Dubai, Athens, and Cyprus. Among its esteemed subsidiaries, London Credit, a London based Company, acts as a finance company, offering short- and medium-term loans secured with prime London real estate. With an impeccable track record, London Credit has achieved a remarkable 100% loan recovery, surpassing £200 million, over a record period of twelve years.

The Secret to Success

The success of London Credit can be attributed to its due diligence and compliance with the UK’s legal and regulatory environment. Swift security property repossessions are facilitated by the effective legal framework, while the liquidity of the London property market ensures swift property sales when necessary. All loans are secured with London real estate, widely acknowledged as one of the world’s premier property assets, valued at a minimum of 133%+ of the loan amount. This security provides investors with peace of mind and confidence in their investments.

The Birth of a New Opportunity

Building on its accomplishments, the Consulco Group is excited to introduce the London Credit Fund – Compartment B. This latest addition to its portfolio promises high returns and expanded opportunities for investors seeking secure and reliable growth.

The London Credit Fund – Compartment B offers target returns of 6%+ (GBP), 5%+ (EUR), and 6%+ (USD) per annum, payable quarterly. It stands out with its investment strategy, focusing on a mix of commercial, semi-commercial, and selected residential properties across the UK. This approach provides investors with a well-balanced and diversified portfolio, further strengthening the security of their investments.

Expert Management for Assured Growth

At London Credit, a team of experienced credit managers, property professionals, and lawyers diligently checks and underwrites all loans. Working in collaboration with UK licensed solicitors and external RICS qualified valuers, this experienced team ensures that every investment is rooted in solid fundamentals.

Investors can also take comfort in the fund’s strong regulatory backing. Licensed and regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission, the London Credit Fund – Compartment B is further supported by the expertise of BDO as external auditors and KPMG as the fund administrator. Eurobank serves as the appointed custodian bank, ensuring a robust framework for asset security.

Flexible Investment, Tailored to Your Goals

The London Credit Fund – Compartment B offers a flexible investment horizon with a minimum lock-up period of just one year. Investors can enjoy monthly disinvestment options with a six-month notice, empowering them to tailor their investment approach to suit their individual needs.

An Investment Opportunity, ideal for professional, institutional, and well-informed investors seeking a steady and regular income secured by prime-quality assets. Embraced by banks, multifamily offices, and leading investment advisory firms, this opportunity is set to deliver results.

The London Credit Fund offers investors a unique chance to invest in the UK bridging market and unlock the potential of London real estate. With Compartment B, investors can experience higher returns, diversified security, and a flexible investment horizon, all within a framework of unwavering trust and regulatory oversight.

Evangelia Kapnistou

Regional Manager, Limassol – Paphos
+357 25 057 057