Consulco announced that during Q4 2022, London Credit Fund achieved a dividend of £13.64 in per unit of its Class A shares, $13.12 per unit for its Class C shares and €9.49 per unit for its Class E shares.

The annualized return for the quarter was 5.97% for its sterling unitholders, 5.65% for its dollar unitholders and 4.02% for its euro unitholders for each of the above share classes respectively. Since its maturity, the Fund has been consistently, reaching and exceeding its target return of 4% on euro. Our results speak for themselves:

London Credit Fund: Annual Performance 2022

The London Credit Fund is an alternative investments fund which provides a target return of 4%+ per annum on its euro investors, payable quarterly, by providing short and medium-term London property secured loans.

The UK is currently experiencing an upwards trend in lending rates. The Bank of England base rate has increased from 2.25% during Q3 2022 to 3.50% (announced on 15 December 2022 by the Bank of England), and further increases are forecasted. If this situation continues, it could potentially further increase our investors’ returns in the near future.