We are delighted to announce that our London Credit Fund has exceeded the benchmark of €10 million of Assets Under Management in a period of just 7 months.

During that period, from February 2021 till end of September, the London Credit Fund has reached the amount of €10,248,950 from:

  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Companies
  • Banks
  • Provident and Pension Funds
  • Insurance Companies

The diversification and exposure in all of the above categories of investors allow the fund to have a promising future with steady growth, satisfying all different types of investors in the market. LC Fund being recently listed on Bloomberg and Clearstream, will also contribute to the above, since these two “Most Valuable Players” of the financial world’s organizations will offer additional exposure to our fund and help us reach our target audience on a global scale.

The growth accompanied with returns exceeding the targets in such a short period of time, boost our appetite for continuous growth, with the primary goal of generating returns and keeping our investors satisfied.