During February 2022, our London Credit Fund’s performance reached and exceeded its annualized target returns once more on all currencies. More specifically, during the past month, our LCF achieved:

  1. 5.17% p.a. on £, exceeding its annualized target return of 5%
  2. 4 % p.a. on €, achieving its annualized target return of 4% and
  3. 5.02% p.a. return on $, exceeding its annualized target return of 5%

This was the eighth consecutive month Consulco’s London Credit Fund achieved its 4% p.a. target return.

The London Credit Fund offers professional and institutional investors a net after-fee return of 5% + p.a. on GBP and USD and 4% + p.a. on EUR. It is a low-risk, alternative investment that capitalizes on a creative combination of real estate and finance through the UK’s bridge financing sector, which is valued more than $7 billion. The minimum investment amount in the Fund is 125,000 Euro, with a minimum investment duration of 12 months. It invests in a wide portfolio of short-term loans in Greater London with first charge real estate security. London Credit, a UK-based lender with an 11-year track record and over 136 million STG in loans issued and collected, administers the loans.

In a financial world starving for income investments, the combination of high yields, steady income and relatively minimal risk is the secret to the Fund’s success.