Consulco is a specialised alternative investment manager structuring, developing and managing real estate, credit and private equity investments in London and Europe. Its clientele includes institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals, as well as pension funds, provident funds, and insurance companies. The Company empowers its clients to secure their future financial needs, through sound and profitable investments.

One of the Company’s main vehicles for these activities is London Credit Fund: Consulco’s alternative investment Fund, which invests in short- and medium-term business loans in the UK, secured against London real estate. The Fund offers returns exceeding 5% per annum for its Euro Investors and 6% per annum for its Pound Sterling and Dollar investors, that are paid quarterly.

London Credit Fund, which is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, comprises Investment Compartment A and Investment Compartment B. Investment Compartment A, which is the Company’s flagship sub-fund, focuses on offering financing secured against residential properties in London. According to the company’s latest results, the Investment Compartment A once again surpassed its annualised target returns, rewarding its investors with substantial dividends. The sub-fund’s annualised returns came up to 6.40% for Pound Sterling investors, 5.75% for Dollar investors and 4.79% for Euro investors.

The newly set-up Investment Compartment B, which focuses on UK Commercial Property Lending, produced equally impressive year-on-year results, in just three months since its establishment in September 2023. Specifically, the sub-fund’s annualised returns came up to 6.79% for Pound Sterling investors, 6.61% for Dollar investors and 5.26% for Euro investors. In general, investors should expect annualised returns exceeding 6% (GBP), 5% (EUR) and 6% (USD).

Consulco’s CEO Mr Marios Hadjiroussos expressed satisfaction over London Credit Fund’s performance, stressing that the latest quarterly results reaffirm its people’s belief that investing is all about results. “We are particularly grateful to all those who have placed their trust in us, and we remain committed to our mission, offering high returns to our investors”, he pointed out.

It should be noted that in Cyprus alone, many leading provident funds, insurance companies, and high-net-worth families have invested more than €40m in London Credit Fund over the past two years. Thanks to its people’s extensive experience and expertise in the UK’s investment and asset management sector, the investors can enjoy a steady quarterly income, secured against UK real estate, while having the option to exit the investment with a six-month notice. Consulco Group maintains fully fledged offices in London, Dubai and Cyprus. The company operates in line with certain principles – credibility, respect towards investors and borrowers, integrity, bringing excellent results, effectiveness, sincerity, and professionalism – which serve as a guarantee for a successful investment.

* As published in Gold Magazine.

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