The new year could not have started better. During January 2023, our London Credit Fund surpassed its annualized target return on all currencies once more. More precisely, our LCF accomplished the following in the first month of the year:

  1. 5.95% p.a. on £, exceeding its annualized target return of 5%
  2. 4.22% p.a. on €, exceeding its annualized target return of 4% and
  3. 5.87% p.a. return on $, exceeding its annualized target return of 5%

This follows a consistent above target performance tendency; for more than a year now, our Fund’s annualized return -for each month- has been exceeding the 4%. Based on the performance of our London Credit Fund, we expect the returns on all currencies to remain above target in the upcoming months of 2023.

Our AUMs reached €31,484,346 million during January while our Investors’ Categories were formed as follows:

  1. 54% High Net Worth Individuals
  2. 20% Companies
  3. 18% Provident / Pension Funds
  4. 8% Banks & Insurance Companies

The fund provides investors with a net after-fees return of 5%+ p.a. on GBP and USD and 4%+ p.a. on EUR. A low-risk investment that takes advantage of a clever mix of real estate and finance through the UK’s bridge financing industry, which is worth more than £7.9 billion. The Fund’s minimum investment amount is 125,000 Euro with minimum investment term of 12 months. It invests in a diverse portfolio of short-term loans with a first charge real estate security in Greater London. The loans are administered by London Credit, a UK based lender with a 12-year track record and over 187 million STG in loans authorized and collected. The fund’s loan portfolio is primarily made up of loans secured by residential and commercial real estate.

The combination of steady income and relatively low risk is critical to its success in a financial world starving for income investments. London’s property market is one of the most mature, transparent, and liquid in the world. London’s historical prominence as a commercial center offers all of the necessary underpinnings for the city’s development and prosperity in a post-Brexit environment. These clear benefits will keep London as a significant financial, innovation, and cultural center for the foreseeable future. Property in London is generally safe since it is not subject to the same risks and fluctuations as the rest of the country or other European cities.