Consulco’s London Credit Fund outperforms its target returns.

The London Credit Fund, providing London property secured loans exceeded its target returns during July 2022. 

i.          5,70% p.a. on £, exceeding its annualized target return of 5%

ii.          4,22% p.a. on €, achieving its annualized target return of 4% and

iii.         5,47% p.a. return on $, exceeding its annualized target return of 5%

The Fund has been capitalised by Cyprus’s finest investors, which include provident funds, insurance firms, banks, big corporates, and high net worth families, who benefit from the fund’s consistent income, which is paid quarterly and is secured against London real estate.

Consulco, the specialist London investment manager, serves the Cyprus investing community through its two offices in Nicosia and Limassol.

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