Consulco’s London Credit Fund, during November 2021, achieved the following annualized returns:

  • 5.50% p.a. on £
  • 4.11% p.a. on € and
  • 5.09% p.a. on $

Based on the above, LC Fund has exceeded its annualized target return of 4% on Euro for the 5th consecutive month and we anticipate the returns to remain high in the upcoming months.

On top of our investors’ ranking for this month were HNWI (49%) followed by Companies (23%), Provident/Pension Funds (16%), Banks (10%) and Insurance Companies (2%). Our AUMs reached 12,039,883 EUR, successfully and steadily moving towards our 20m benchmark.

The fund provides investors with a net after-fees return of 5%+ p.a. on GBP and USD and 4%+ p.a. on EUR. A low-risk investment that takes advantage of a clever mix of real estate and finance through the UK’s bridge financing industry, which is worth more than $7 billion. The Fund’s minimum investment amount is 125,000 Euro with minimum investment term of 12 months. It invests in a diverse portfolio of short-term loans with a first charge real estate security in Greater London. The loans are administered by London Credit, a UK based lender with an 11-year track record and over 136 million STG in loans authorized and collected. The fund’s loan portfolio is primarily made up of loans secured by residential (near to 90% of the portfolio) and commercial real estate.

The combination of steady income and relatively low risk is the key to its success in a financial world looking desperately for income investments. London is one of the most mature, transparent and liquid property markets globally. Property prices are transparent with an abundance of information and data on property transactions taking place in the same street or area on comparable properties. Even post-Covid and post-Brexit, residential real estate has shown to be particularly resilient, with prices and rents constantly growing, providing further security for short-term real estate-backed loans. Home upgrades and purchases have gotten a boost thanks to the Covid era’s remote working and schooling, providing further impulses for the bridge finance industry’s players. London properties are relatively safe, not subject to the same level of risks and fluctuations as the rest of the country and other European cities.