Consulco announced that during Q3 2021, London Credit Fund achieved a dividend of £11.55 per unit of its Class A shares, $10.84 per unit for its Class C shares and €10.57 per unit for its Class E shares.

The annualized return for the quarter was 5.04% for its sterling unitholders, 4.83% for its dollar unitholders and 4.22% for its euro unitholders for each of the above share classes respectively.

The London Credit Fund is an alternative investments fund which provides a target return of 4%+ per annum, payable quarterly, to its euro investors by providing short and medium-term London property secured loans. The Fund’s minimum investment is 125,000 Euro, with a minimum investment term of 12 months. The fund’s investors to date include high net worth individuals, companies, provident funds, insurance companies and banks.

The combination of steady income and relatively low risk is the key to its success in a financial world looking desperately for income investments. London is one of the most mature, transparent and liquid property markets globally. Property prices are transparent with an abundance of information and data on property transactions taking place in the same street or area on comparable properties. London properties are relatively safe, not subject to the same level of risks and fluctuations as the rest of the country and other European cities.

The Collection Rate to Date of the London Credit Fund is 100%, with returns exceeding the annualized targets. Consulco is looking forward to reaching its next benchmark for its Assets Under Management (AUMs) of €20 million within the next few months, after exceeding the €10 million benchmark in a period of just 7 months from its launch.

The London Credit fund has been recently approved and listed on Bloomberg and Clearstream, two of the biggest organizations of the financial world, opening up many more doors for London Credit Fund to expand its investment operations by attracting sophisticated investors from all around the world.