Consulco announced that during the last quarter of 2021, London Credit Fund achieved a dividend of £13.00 per unit of its Class A shares, $12.86 per unit for its Class C shares and €8.54 per unit for its Class E shares.

The annualized return for Q4 2021 was 5.42% for its sterling unitholders, 5.32% for its dollar unitholders and 4.03% for its euro unitholders for each of the above share classes respectively.

The London Credit Fund was launched in the beginning of 2021 and is the Group’s flagship investment product as it obtains exposure to London property backed short-term loans underwritten by the Group’s experienced team of solicitors, property valuers and bankers on the ground. The new order of things makes alternative investment products, like London Credit Fund, the ideal option of low-risk investments but with relatively high returns.

London Credit Fund deserves the attention of any well informed and professional investor due to its comparative advantages and the benefits it has to offer. This has already been proven by the fact that our LCF has been exceeding its annualized target return of 4% p.a. for X consecutive months. The Fund’s minimum investment is 125,000 Euro, with a minimum investment term of 12 months. Its investors to date include high net worth individuals, companies, provident funds, insurance companies and banks.

The combination of consistent income and minimal risk is the reason of London Credit Fund’s popularity in a financial world starving for income investments.