As we reflect on the achievements of the final quarter of 2023, we are proud to present the consistently high performance of our Investment Compartments. They both have achieved to surpass their annualised returns once again, distributing high dividends to its investors.

We are also particularly delighted this time to share the first quarterly results of our Investment Compartment B since its inception in September 2023.

Our Investment Compartment A consistently outperformed its annualised returns throughout every month of 2023. This compartment focuses on investing in short-term bridging loans, primarily secured against residential properties in London.

Meanwhile, the newly established Investment Compartment B demonstrates a similar upward trend in returns and specialises in short-term bridging loans secured against commercial properties in London. Investors in Compartment B can anticipate target returns of 6%+ (GBP), 5%+ (EUR), and 6%+ (USD) per annum.

We are confident that 2024 will be no exception to our successful journey – absolute focus remains our bottom line.

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