After 25 years of successful presence and continuous development, Consulco proceeds to rebranding and launches a new logo. The CEO of Consulco, Marios Hajiroussos, explains the reasons for the development of the company’s brand while referring to the new products and future plans of Consulco.

The old brand has been there for us for the last twenty-five years from the firm’s very beginnings and throughout our expansion to one of the largest independent professional services provider in Cyprus.  

However, at this point, we have successfully completed the firm’s repositioning into the investment management sector through a consistent high investment performance for the last nine years since we established our investment office in London.   

To mark our successful evolvement into an established investment manager, to facilitate our expansion plans and to compete successfully in today’s demanding and lucrative global investment industry we felt that our brand needed to evolve.  

We therefore engaged a London top brand agency to design our new brand and after they have interviewed many members of our firm’s management, they distilled our firm’s values and visualised those into our new brand. 

Based on the new brand we have produced high specifications websites, brochures, product publications, signage and everything visual that represents the firm. We believe that our new brand represents the firm, where we are now and our determination to excel.

Symbolism behind the design and the palette of the new brand.

The Consulco management’s unshakable belief in its ability to deliver, the straight up honesty as its only policy and its single-minded determination are encompassed the firm’s “Zero Compromise Absolute Focus” culture.  

The design and palette of our brand is simple, straight forward and impactful; our name in black and white because when it comes to investments, the bottom line is king. We are determined to deliver this to our clients, again and again. And we are confident the way we go about it. No fluff. No wasting time. We tell it how it is, black and white. Simple.

Rebranding & expansion of existing services.

Our success lies in our ability to constantly adapt to what is needed. We are a company that lives for results. We have transformed our professional services firm from a typical corporate services provider into a group of companies structuring and managing wealth and investments for high net worth families and professional investors. After nine years of hard work our investment division is acknowledged by clients, partners, associates and the investment industry at large as an established, high performing real estate and credit investment manager.    

Consulco has always been very dynamic in its global business development. We are currently expanding our offices in Moscow and Dubai and setting up operations in China.   We believe that the rebranding was necessary and complimentary to our investment expertise and investment performance track record to facilitate our current expansion plans.

Consulco’s medium- and long-term future plans.

We are launching the London Credit Fund, licensed and regulated by CYSEC for the benefit of well-informed investors and institutional investors in Cyprus and abroad.  The fund and its subsidiaries provide short- and medium-term loans in the UK secured with London real estate providing its investors with a steady income stream payable every quarter. The fund’s target return is 5 % per annum for sterling and dollars and 4 % + for euro.  

We are in the process of structuring our new London Real estate opportunity fund to be launched by the end of the year to take advantage of the UK current investment opportunities. Our London property professionals’ expertise and knowhow gives us the edge in selecting, managing London property investments and adding value through hands-on initiatives for all our property investments. Our property team has been accredited by Morgan Stanley Capital Index as producing an average net return of 11.1 % pa for our investors for the last 9 years.  

The current investment conditions with the volatility of the equity and bond markets and the low returns of bank deposits make the London real estate and credit investments that Consulco specialises on, very attractive to investors all over the world. Consulco is currently using this opportunity to establish many new partnerships with the leading investment advisory and management firms in China, Russia and the Gulf for the distribution of its real estate and credit investment funds to their clients. These new distribution channels and partnerships will be instrumental for Consulco’s long term expansion in China, the Gulf and Russia.