Foreign owners of UK property will soon be required to publish their identity.
13 April 2017

The UK would be the first country to have a public register showing the beneficial owners of property controlled by overseas companies

London property Outlook after Brexit
5 April 2017

London property Outlook after Brexit Organized by the Consulco Group Held on the 28th of March 2017 at Hilton Hotel Nicosia, Cyprus

Consulco presents the London Property Outlook After Brexit
28 March 2017

Consulco organizes an event on the general topic of ‘Property Outlook After Brexit’ where it discusses the new 40% UK Inheritance Tax for Non-Residents and how to mitigate its impact.

Announcement – Income Tax Declaration for the year 2016 (Individuals)
23 March 2017

The countdown for the submission of your Declaration of Income (T.D.1) has started and the deadline is closing soon. If you need someone to do it for you our team is ready to help you

How to prove that a company is the beneficial owner of income?
22 December 2016

Since 2015, new rules of application of international double tax treaties have been in effect in Russia. The recent Severstal court ruling is a case in point, where the taxpayer is faced with a nearly 1 billion RUB tax charge, for essentially failing to p

Cyprus – New Intellectual Property (IP) regime as from 1 July 2016
1 November 2016

On 30 December 2015 The Ministry of Finance (MoF) announced that it will promote amendments to the current Cyprus Intellectual Property (IP) tax regime that will be in full alignment with the OECD’s Base Erosion and Profits Shifting (BEPS) Action 5 repo

Changes to the Cyprus Citizenship for Investors’ Scheme
21 September 2016

In line with the strategy of the Cyprus Government to further attract and encourage high net worth individuals to invest in the economy of Cyprus, on 13th September 2016, the Cyprus Council of Ministers revised the Scheme for Naturalization of Investors i

Cyprus Tax Flash - Immovable Property Tax 2016
25 August 2016

Under the latest amendment to the Immovable Property Tax Law, which was published in the Official Government Gazette on 25 July 2016, the immovable property tax for tax year 2016 is reduced by up to 75% and abolished from 2017.

Temporary restrictive measures imposed by a decree of the Minister of Finance
16 February 2015

The Enforcement of Restrictive Measures on Transactions in case of Emergency Law of 2013